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Page history last edited by Daniel Rezac 15 years, 6 months ago

Welcome to Science Unit Design! A wikied Social Science Unit Design!



Hi this is Daniel Rezac! I'm a middle school science/tech teacher from the Chicago area. Welcome to the Science Design page. What I want is what all teachers want, to create a killer science unit for my guys for this fall! But, I want this process to be fun and collaborative, not just lonely me sitting in front of a computer all summer. So I figure, why not create a wiki, and have science teachers from all over the world collaborate to create the ULTIMATE science unit design?


Couple of rules here:


1.  I'd like to use the Understanding by Design (Wiggins and Mctighe) template for unit design. For a primer on UbD, check out the UbD_nutshell.pdf.

2.  Right now this is a public wiki, and there is no limit on users, although, I could institute one in the future, depending on how things go.

3.  Standards used: I think we should use National Science standards (then adapt them to our own, once we're done- just to be universal) .

4.  Let's shoot for 6/7th grade.

5. Due Date: August 15th, 2009 (with a possible two week extension) Some of use might have varying start times to the year, so I'd like this to be done at least a few days before the new school year.


First thing: Create a "New Page" for yourself, use the Team Member Template, and tell us who you are, and what your deal is.

Now let's get started!!! Start out on the BIG IDEA page: Let's brainstorm topics/subjects and what do we want our students to be able to do when this unit is done?




That's all I have at the moment-








Comments (2)

Daniel Rezac said

at 12:14 pm on Dec 31, 2008

As you can see, I've re-upped the project for the entire year. It's still a work in progress, but apparently it was not getting much traffic last summer. So let's give each other the entire year to create a cool unit.

Plus, as a question: should we use UbD? I'm not finding a whole lot of folks trained in it. Maybe we can follow the outline of UbD, but not be daunted by all the nuances of that design process. Maybe just start with the end result, frame our questions, and then start lining up learning activities.

Jeremy said

at 11:54 pm on Jan 10, 2009

As you've pointed out, I think the backward design elements of UbD are the most important. Even I do not feel "trained" in UbD. But, I think this is a good opportunity to get some good experience with it. We could do the major elements of the project following the Big Idea -> Essential Questions -> Assessments -> Activities framework, and work in some of the worksheets as we feel we could benefit from them. Or, form groups that handle the UbD specifics. As we get more comfortable with the process and automatize it, I think it will feel less onerous, and we can really start to figure out what we need and what we don't from UbD.

Also, happy new year :)

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