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If you don't have a Twitter account, please get one. You'll find that it will be very helpful for us when we are on the "road" to continue to receive and send messages concerning the unit. It's summer, so some of us will undoubtedly be gone from time to time, so this is a good way to stay in touch on the unit.


About Daniel Rezac

Contact Info:

Arlington Heights, IL

Email: redferntwo@comcast.net

twitter: drezac

skype: drezac

del.icio.us: drezac

Blog: http://mr-rezac.blogspot.com

Website: http://di-strategies.blogspot.com


About Me:

Daniel has been teaching only for a few years. He teachers on the South Side of Chicago to a mostly Latino population (si se puede!). He discovered Web 2.0 before he knew they were calling it Web 2.0. He believes that communication and collaboration is what is going to bring this country into the social utopia that it is meant to be!