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Britt Gow - Australia

Page history last edited by Britt Gow 15 years, 7 months ago

This will be slightly different as my new year 7 classes start in late January, with the Victorian Essential Learnings curriculum - but I am hoping we will have some common ground and our students will be able to collaborate.

My blogs are at Technoscience and one I share with other year 7 teachers at Techno7's. We have recently finished a unit of the eye, including dissection of a sheep's eyeball. My students would love some comments about their Slideshare presentations that have been uploaded to their blogs (links to their blogs are on the techno7's blog, down the RHS).


Units of work I cover during year 7 Science (13-14 year olds in their first year of secondary school) include:


Safety in the Laboratory

Scientific Method

Life and Living (Cells, body sytems, food webs, ecosystems)

Earth and Space (Natural disasters, solar system, structure of the earth and atmosphere)

Properties of Matter (solids, liquids and gases, separating mixtures)

Forces of Nature (magnets, gravity, friction etc.)


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